Sunday, October 14, 2012

over the river

Today we travel through the trees and over rivers to our baby girl.  I cannot believe that it is truly happening!  We get to meet her this evening, and then will have a series of visits in her home throughout the week.  Our agency is so careful to do the most loving thing for the children they place, and these home visits are one of them.  She will have the chance to slowly acclimate to us, and I think this will also give Moonpie and Buddy the chance to ease into their transition as well.  I am thankful for this.

This past week has been hectic.  We had much to do in very little time.  I catch myself taking shallow breaths, and I have to remind myself "breathe".  Slow deep breaths are the course for the day!  In the midst of all of the paperwork and appointments, the mad frenzy known as nesting overtook my body!  I have been cleaning and sewing as much as time allows.  Moonpie reminded me yesterday "mama, I don't think the baby is going to care if the house is clean".  Such wisdom.  Just the reminder I needed to settle in and play some games with the children and cuddle all together to watch some Busy Town Mystery.  I have to remember that even though they are excited, they are also battling the fear that a new sibling means less love for them.  We have been having lengthy talks and lots of encouragement this week to walk with them through those doubts.

I find myself paying attention the little "lasts".  The last time we will sit at our table as a family of four.  The last time I will be able to take a longish shower (ha!), you know the drill.  But I'm also thinking about Baby.  How this is her last week of being family-less.  What a sweet gift this adoption is for all of us.

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Jamie said...

I am so overcome with joy for y'alls family! What a sweet and exciting time!! It's such a blessing to know that that little girl will be blessed with such loving parents and siblings. Can't wait to meet and love on her as well :)