Wednesday, October 17, 2012

in the thick of it

We are still in the thick of it here in Tyler, TX.  We have been having daily visits with baby girl in her foster home, and have slowly been able to take over some parenting duties.  Today was just the best- we were able to take her to the zoo!  And it felt...normal!  We loved being all together.  While away from her foster home, she allowed me to feed her a bottle (she has refused when we were in her foster home), and to soothe her when she was sad.  She even napped while I wore her in the Ergo carrier.  It was really the best moment!

Tomorrow we sign our placement papers, and if we all agree that she is ready, we get to go home!

Would you please pray that we can all agree on what's best for her?

And would you continue to pray for her little heart as she makes this huge transition?  That we are able to help her through this trauma?

Lastly, would you pray for us?  We love this child and are ready to parent her.  Having to drop her off today after the zoo was very hard.

I promise- once we get the green light, you will get to see her sweet face!


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and praying for you! Your week in the East Texas woods is almost up!

The Farmers Nest said...

Praying and can't wait to see her!

City Sister said...

How exciting...I am so glad that she has found you!

Amy Robertson said...


We will definitely be praying for you guys, and especially that little girl's heart. I am really happy, for all of you.