Tuesday, November 13, 2012

birdy is 8 months old!

And I'm horrible about keeping up with stuff like this, but her foster mama was successful at it for the first seven months of her life, so I'm determined to finish out the year strong!

Would you look at this precious girl?!

Right now she is:

  • crawling on all fours
  • pulling up on everything
  • loving to be outside
  • cracking up the hardest at Buddy
  • eating everything I put in front of her
  • drinking water out of a sippy cup
  • finally letting me rock her to sleep!  My absolute favorite thing!
  • snuggling up close for feedings

Some of these stand out most to me (which wouldn't necessarily be a big milestone for one of my bio children) because of the strides we are making towards bonding.  My caseworker recently told me that with adopted infants (and children) you need to do twice the touch, twice the cuddling, twice the interaction, twice the eye contact, etc. that you would do for a biological child.  We are learning every day how to balance all of the needs of all of the members of this family.  We are letting the non-essentials fall off and putting our energy towards what truly matters, knowing that all of the ground we cover now, sets us all up for a healthier tomorrow.


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Hendrick Family said...

Too much cuteness!!!

Love thinking of your family during this bonding, bonding, bonding time.

So happy for you, friend.


Amy Robertson said...

All right...things shall come in the mail for you.

Birdy is too cute. Man! I like her little bonnet, also.

I was going to send you Noni's cloth diapers, but THEN, she decided she didn't like wearing "unders" after all. With three kids, I couldn't put up a fight for many than a week or two. (Too many poops in Michael's, Whole Foods, etc...)

I love that you are feeding Birdy such nourishing foods. Babies are usually so flexible at that age - open to deliciousness - and not stuck in their foodie ways.

Love you guys.

Messy Mom said...

She is adorable and that hat is just too much!

Brilliant Simplicity said...

I love your blog and have been praying for you and John for sometime about your adoption journey. Birdy is precious and it brings me to tears to think about how lucky she is to have you for a momma. You're inspiring and gifted in some many things and so many ways. Congratulations!!

Much love-
Jennifer Negron