Monday, November 12, 2012

nourishing birdy

It is a chilly morning here, finally.  Applesauce is simmering on the stove and sweet potatoes are in the oven.  The big kids are outside and Birdy is alternating time in my lap and time on the floor.  These past three weeks with our sweet baby have been just right.  Early mornings, full days, most of which spent at home.  We are in love with our Birdy girl.

One of my favorite things here lately is introducing Birdy to new, nourishing foods.  We have exhausted her supply of jarred food that came with her from her foster home, and have ventured into fresh, whole foods with thicker textures.

fresh applesauce with a side of egg yolk
That applesauce on the stove is for her (along with Buddy and Moonpie).  The sweet potatoes will be pureed with steamed kale and eaten for dinner tonight, with plenty leftover to be frozen for a later date. I have reconstituted prunes and pureed them along with apples.  Avocado banana mash (avo-nana if you will) is a morning staple.  She is loving soft boiled egg yolk from our pastured eggs.  I mean, loving it!  And last night, she ate our lentil stew right alongside us with fervor!

I had been hesitant to introduce foods to her because of her very fragile digestive system.  She has been diagnosed with reflux and in my opinion, needs some serious rebuilding of the gut flora.  She will begin probiotics this week to assist in that.  A little fennel here and there will also assist in her healing.

It is an absolute joy to introduce new nourishing foods to our girl.  Isn't it a wonder to open the world up to a child, little by little?  One of the greatest gifts of being a parent, I think.

Birdy explores the cookie cutters while I process apples
(and Buddy sneaks the peels)

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mama said...

I am really enjoying these little snipits into life with birdy. Thank you for sharing.
That applesauce looks very yummy.