Wednesday, July 25, 2012

so I gave up grains

And it's been 9 days now.  The reason I thought to try  living grain free was because my energy levels have never truly recovered since January.  Even though I have been feeling better than what I was feeling at the beginning of the year I have still been having days of fatigue, on and off.  So after 9 days of being grain free I can honestly say that I feel great!  I have had so much energy (for me, for you it may look just like normal person energy levels!) and motivation.  I love it!  And honestly, I haven't missed grain.  I really mean it!  Realizing that lots of yummy waffles equals days of no energy makes them not appealing to me.
Going grain free has not been hard, but it really takes some planning for me.  The week before going GF I started weaning off of grain, only eating one piece of sprouted grain toast a day.  I also made a menu plan using lots of Paleo and gluten free blogs for inspiration, and had tons of fruit, veggies, and homemade fruit and nut balls on hand for snacking.
What else am I doing?  I'm going to bed at 10:30 every night, no matter what!  I'm stretching every night, reading scripture every morning and praying several times throughout the day.  I've also been reading The Healing Code and practicing the advise given there.

Did I mention that I feel great?

Some questions that are still rumbling through my mind:

  • am I really grain intolerant, or do I just substitute it for my veg and fruit throughout the day?  Therefore not getting enough servings of the good stuff a day?
  • are all grains hard on my system or just gluten containing grains?  After the month is up I'm going to start adding some grain back in, like brown rice, and see what happens.
My plan is to be grain free for a month and then evaluate where I am and what I think needs to be done next.  I don't really plan to be grain free for life,  I'm sure I may want a cookie one day, or a really tasty slice of bread.  But for right now, this seems to be the right move.  


angie said...

I went grain and dairy free for about 6 weeks and felt fantastic. I've since added dairy and some grains just no gluten...that seems to be what kills my system, but I have noticed being super tired lately, so maybe I need to look at things again...hmmm. Good luck to you on your journey

Erin said...

I would love for you to share some yummy recipes! Your 3 bean salad has become a regular in my house.

Amy said...


I am so with you on this. I feel like we've been in such a constant state of flux that it is hard for me not to find excuses to continuing eating grains (even GF ones...) Zach just re-did our kitchen 2 weeks ago and it is still not useable. So, as you can imagine, lots of tacos, lots of GF pbjs and hummus salad sandwiches. Lots of grain. Prob 50%, just for those no-cook meals.

Anyway, I am so addicted to grain that I want to find excuses, even when I know I could do it in a state of flux. But even after just a week or two, my digestion is fantastic, my energy and optimism is better, my anxiety and mood fluctuations are calmed...also, I gave up caffeine. Even just a smidge of black tea. That's hard for me.

Have you checked out Mark's Daily Apple? I love him.

I really would love to be grain free for life. I think it's going to take me going more than 2 weeks to really break the addiction.

I am so glad for you. Keep sharing.

PS I'm using a mix of Tanglewood suggestions and an official kinder and 1st grade Waldorf curriculum (Christopherus) and blending them up this year, and I re-read some homeschool advice from you and realized it's similar to what you all do. This is our first year having any sort of academics, other than random poem memorization and letter work, so I'm pretty stoked. I started planning a few days ago, and got the Waldorf stuff in the ail about 6 months ago.

This turned in e-mail material.

My apologies.

Hope you are well.

RiverBend Farm said...

You're a strong soul to do that. Glad you're feeling better. Don't give up on me getting the softies to might have to be in next month's box because with the back room construction, all my sewing is in a big pile til they finish and I can set it up again.

Hendrick Family said...

Me too! The energy. It is what makes me die-hard grain free. As soon as I eat it I feel like a slug again. It's not worth it.

I'm glad it's been an easy transition!

If you find favorite recipes, you better hook a sister up.


Rosie_Kate said...

Good for you! I've thought about doing this, but I can't bring myself to give up my beloved sourdough bread... But I do know what gives me problems-- a pile of waffles truly bogs me down...

I've heard some people do great this way indefinitely, others eventually hit a slump and have to add grains back in (and feel great). I guess everyone is different.

Anonymous said...

For me I have to be grain free for bloating issues that make me hurt so bad I can't function the rest of the day (allergies), but it is so hard to live without them when other people in your house eat them! I am currently working on more self-discipline...glad to know it was easy for you though! Congrats!

cally said...

You are awesome. I need more discipline!! I am ALWAYS tired and always have a headache...I know it would improve if I stop eating grains and sugar but I just can't do it! I fail every day. Around 3:00 I just can't stand it anymore and I turn into monster mode and all I need is a cookie!! It's bad. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

I've always known wheat was a villain for my body, and for years i've just eaten rice, but three days ago, i decided to go grain free. i'd read exactly nothing about it, but it seemed something reasonable to try. i can not believe the difference it made, almost immediately. my energy levels are like i have never felt before in my life. immediately. i'm not sleepy all day any more. the first day, i was a bit afraid, because grains were such a huge part of my diet, but i'm absolutely fine. don't miss them at all. i eat lots of steamed fish, vegetables, olives, fruit.