Tuesday, June 5, 2012

it's official

Well it is officially summer around here.  The kids were in the pool before 9 and they are eating breakfast in their swimsuits.  In the pool.

Here's something else that's official- I'm shutting down school for the summer.  I had considered doing some form of modified school, but you know what?  We need this!  When the kids were stripping down in the backyard at 8:45 am my first instinct was to say "no- we have chores... and math!", but then I thought, no way man, let the kids do whatever they want, it's summer dangit!  So it is now officially official.  And all that homeschool mama worry about "am I doing enough?" is now out the window.  Swimming and freezer pops and chasing chickens and killing stink bugs...this is enough.

we were so mature when we got married- here we were giggling
because we had to kiss in front of everyone!

And finally, it is officially 13 years today that I married my best friend.  And since we have been together for most of our lives, it is 20 years in total that we have been together.  Am I a lucky girl, or what?  I mean, what a gift this life is that I get to spend with John.  He is my favorite, and getting to wake up most every day with your favorite is a treasure.  It's birthday morning every morning.  So happy birthday to this life that we have built.  Together.

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Rosie_Kate said...

Happy anniversary! You guys were so cute!

Traci said...

wow! no school! thats cool! enjoy! we are doing quasi school since before D was born and still trying to be okay with it. homeschool CAN be frought with insecurity, ick. i want to focus on habit training though, for my sake, I admit! happiest anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Good call on the no school, gives you the freedom to soak in the summer with your babes. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :) You have a big day coming up, I'll be praying for you! LOVE YOU!

Mighty Violet said...

Happiest of Anniversaries to you two! Us too-- eight years today. Blessings on your summer!