Friday, June 1, 2012

garden tour

I have been so busy in the garden this season that I haven't really had the time to blog about it!  This is my first year planting by rows - I usually plant in raised beds.  This is also the largest garden I have ever planted.  We have so much room here in our new home that I am able to have melons and pumpkins and corn!  Here are some Glamour Shots of my garden (minus the upturned collars and sailor hats) :

The corn is coming in nicely.  It is already taller than Buddy (a fact that he is very excited about!).
We planted an heirloom sweet corn. I can't wait for it to be ready!

Bell peppers.  Lots and lots of bell peppers.

3 varieties of basil

12 varieties of tomatoes!  I'm a little crazy about tomatoes!

Pickling cucumbers

Patty pan squash

This is my first year to ever be successful in growing acorn squash.  Can I get a what what?!?

Rogue tomato plant growing out of my compost.  Look how healthy and lush it is.  There is nary a stink bug on it, unlike my tomatoes I planted on purpose.  Argh.  What's the opposite of getting a what what?  Insert that here...

Esperanza and lantana- just being lovely and inviting pollinators in.

An unwelcomed visitor

Morning harvest

The Ladies waiting for yucky tomatoes to be tossed over the fence

I'm linking up to the garden tour with Jennifer Rizzo


Rosie_Kate said...

I think I shouldn't have read this post. My garden is barely planted and everything is struggling in the super-dry weather and hard ground. But it rained last night (finally!) so things are looking up. Now that the ground is manageable again, I have more planting still to do...

But your garden looks fabulous! I'm sure it so fun to have some room to spread out!

Keeping it Cozy said...

Your garden looks amazing! I can't believe you already have little peppers!

City Sister said...

I'm glad your garden is doing well! We don't even have a tomato or pepper blossom yet! We just started getting lettuce and chard to eat.

Partieof6 said...

Way to go Mandy!!!!your garden is beautiful. I'm happy that you finally have room to just grow what you want!!!! Miss you friend and praying for your upcoming visit with the birth mom.

Becky said...

love the garden! sadly this year, with the house and all, no garden. but i'm pillaging like crazy from every one else's gardens and canning as much as i can.

ps: thanks for the window marker tips - sheer genius - cannot wait to use these!