Tuesday, May 22, 2012

home again

We just returned from our trip to the lake.  We stayed in a small cabin, right on the water and had all sorts of fun!
We hiked to a water fall, boated, fished, S'mored, and swam.  We spent every moment that we could outside squeezing every bit of beauty out of the day.

And this is where it gets good...
It was just a few months ago that I couldn't get through laundry without really having to push myself.  That reading aloud to the kids was cause for rest time on the couch.  I'd watch a movie and a travel scene would come on and I'd wonder "am I ever going to have the energy to travel again?".
You better believe that every minute of our trip, I stood in wonder of the healing that has taken place in my life.  I'd catch myself grinning and I'd whisper to John "I wasn't sure if this was possible".
But it is.  It is possible to recover.  It is possible to move forward.  It is possible to sit in a season of illness and then be better.
Even in my darkest moments, my moments of doubting that healing could emerge, I could feel that whisper in my soul- when I'd ask "will I ever be able to hike with my kids again?", I could feel the whisper of "yes".  It truly was always there.  I just had to bend in to hear it.  Not into myself- but into the heart of Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals.


Cheryl said...

That's so awesome! I'm happy to hear you are feeling better!

Bee Morse Farm said...

Your photos are awesome. I love the purple in your twilight photo. How do you capture that? I can't seem to get mine to get a true color on hardly anything.