Tuesday, May 8, 2012

sovereign strong

I'm all sorts of proud today.  My sister launched her website for her new clothing line!  She is crazy talented when it comes to fashion (and all kinds of other things too!).  What I love most about this new venture of hers is the heart of it.

It's her heart after all.  

She is vigilant about not only the clothes being made ethically, but she is also giving some of her proceeds to Freedom House in San Francisco (a therapeutic safe house for victims of sex trafficking).  The mission of the company (as taken from the website) is this:

We are a women’s wholesale apparel brand that is passionate about empowering women to embrace their confidence, femininity, and future. Our vision is to free people from the bondage of modern-day slavery by providing them with a second chance and new opportunities. Ethical and local production are important to us, which is why we promote a lifestyle of living for the eternity and not for the temporary. We are called to be dispensers of hope and fashion is our platform.

My sis and her business partners are currently raising funds to launch the first line.  If you are passionate about seeing the heart of the fashion industry changed, or just about great fashion in general, and would like to contribute, click on the link below.

Take a minute to stop by her site and say hello (she's the beautiful blonde)!  Read the story, look at the clothes (hover your mouse over the last image to get the arrow to pop up), watch the video!

I have my eye set on the Farmer's Market dress!

Which is your favorite design?


Knox said...

So cute. All of it.

Courtney said...

That is so exciting! I know you are so proud of her!

JOHANNA said...

I love that dress, I personally love the punk work outfit, but could never wear it....or could I.....

Hendrick Family said...

So cool! I loved looking at her site!