Thursday, May 3, 2012

mango ice

photo credit:  hipsta-buddy

Lately we have been enjoying a new snack of mango ice.  We love mango around here, and have found this to be a perfect late afternoon snack.

It is so simple to make!  I chop up three mangoes and throw them in the blender.   I then add equal parts ice, and blend it up.  That's it!  It comes out almost having a creamy texture.  And you know how disappointing mango flavored ice cream is?  Well, this isn't that.

This is pure delicious in a cup.


mama said...

We make ours by adding a little orange juice to frozen pureed mango. It's summer in a cup. YUMMY

The Farmer's Nest said...

So happy I just bought a mango yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

Prairie Cat said...

I love mangoes, and this seems like the perfect way to enjoy them and cool off at the same time! I just wish the ones at the grocery stores around here were not so disappointingly bland.