Wednesday, August 10, 2011

homeschool plan

Another school year is starting up and we are ready for it!  The kids are asking every day "when does school start?".  The pressure is on, people!

I have had a rough sketch of a plan in my head for the past few months, and I was able to get most of it mapped out last weekend.  We are continuing with our Charlotte Mason based learning with a Waldorf twist.  I love how Waldorf schools focus on trickster/ saint tales for second grade.  Moonpie is definitely in a trickster phase with all of her joke telling these days!  But there is still that sweetness, that little girl that wants to cuddle.  The thinking in the Waldorf tradition is that children at this age can relate to these tales of the tricksters and the saints.

Here's an overview of our week:

Monday- Wednesday- we will have circle time, language arts block, Bible, math, and history/ science
Thursday - geography/ earth science and nature study, math review work, Bible
Friday- Bible, geography/ earth science, family day

I'm hoping that Thursday will also be a day that we can have a nursing home day alternated weekly with a science club day.

Our monthly history focus will influence our science and language studies:

history- ancient China
science- primates
LA- Chinese trickster tales (featuring the monkey king)

history- ancient Africa
science- spiders
LA- African trickster tales (Anansi the spider)

history- ancient Americas and Thanksgiving study
science- coyotes
LA- Cherokee tales (featuring trickster Coyote)

December- Saints/ Christmas around the world

That is the rough idea for the year.  I have history all laid out and I'm waiting for my books to arrive so I can figure out the stories we will be covering.

I think I will be talking some more about homeschool planning this week.  I also have a kindergartner on my hands that lost his first tooth this week!  His day will mirror much of what I am doing with his sissy, but with some fun planned just for him.  He is very excited to be a kindergartner, although he's not all that sure what that means!

ps- the dye has completely faded now.  The belly took the longest to go away.  Go figure.


Andrea@Fancy That! said...

trickster tales are great. I took an American Indian Lit class in college, and it was a bunch of fun! My sis and I loved homeschooling when we were very small.

ssm said...

ooh, this looks so fun (and challenging!). Is there much screaming? I imagine myself as a screamer if I ever homeschooled the boys, but somehow I also think parents who do it everyday are blessed with more patience!

See Jamie blog said...

Sounds like an exciting year coming up. And I just scrolled down to find out about the dye; hilarious! Glad it's fading. ;)

Amanda said...

Oh, fun, fun! Look at you getting all organized. :) Can't wait to hear about your kindergarten plans. I'm still trying to figure out how we're going to get anything done when Littlest wants to direct his brothers' play all day long.