Thursday, August 11, 2011

homeschool {2011-2012 books}

are you sick of these yet?  i can't get enough of them!  photo credit: Ryan Price

One of the ideas that led me to the Charlotte Mason theory of education is the use of books for learning.  Not text books, but real, living books!  When I thought about how I learn as an adult it came down to two things:  reading about the subject and hands on experience.  I want my children to know how to learn. I want them to LOVE to learn.  The philosophies of Charlotte Mason resonate with me because they speak to this love of learning.

If you would like a peek at some of the books we will be using this year, I've listed them in my {bookstore}.  They only allow 18 books in the bookstore, so here are some books we will be using but did not have room for:

Science:  Apologia Press- Land Animals of the 6th Day

The Burgess Animal Book for Children

we will heavily depend on the library for books regarding the animals we will be studying

Nature study:  Keeping a Nature Journal

History:   The Story of the World  by Susan Wise Bauer
again- LOTS of library books to fill in the gaps!

Geography:  A Child's Geography by Anne Voskamp

Bible:  Bible Study Guide for All

Read alouds FREE on the Kindle:

The Five Children and It

The Story of Dr. Doolittle

For most of our small non-fiction picture books, I will use the library.  Unless we are studying something for months on end.  In the spring we will be covering Ancient Rome, and this is a unit we will be revisiting in later years, so I will purchase books about the subject.  Or let's say units on birds or trees.  These are topics that come up all of the time, so I am sure to purchase a few good copies on the subject for our home library.


Traci said...

I love Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories and would like to find them in audio but, the children were not wild when I read them..My
Side of the Mountain was great but the sequel, I am not sure they will "hang in" with me...I find it tough right now to do "enough" history and scrience. We are doing more crafts, free play/exploration, reading independently!! and the three R's. Kudos to you!

Amanda said...

How could we possibly be sick of pictures of your gorgeous family?!! :)

LOVE your classic books list. I'm hoping to get to Heidi, Wind in the Willows and the Just So Stories, too. And I think Littlest would love the Burgess book this year!

Fun! Fun! I need to go make my booklist post... ;)

Cheryl said...

I just looked at your bookstore. I always love to see what others are reading. Didn't you love 84, Charing Cross Rd?! A fav! :)

Rosie_Kate said...

Love this! This is pretty much what we're doing this year, too. Lots of reading, lots of trips to the library. We're using "Story of the World", too, along with several Usborne encyclopedia-type books, and a Sonlight Book of Time to make it more visual. (Sonlight looks so great, but I can't possibly afford it, so I'm making it up on my own!) I just ordered "Family Math" and I'm excited about trying some of that fun stuff. Jonah keeps asking when we're officially starting (you know, not counting the Phonics Museum stuff we did today), but I don't quite have it all together yet. Soon! It'll be fun!