Monday, August 8, 2011

dirty dozen

Did you notice that back in June the Environmental Working Group released their annual Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 list?  I missed it!  And honestly didn't really know that they update it on an annual basis.  Just in case you are in the same boat, here are the new lists:

Dirty Dozen

These fruits and vegetables are those that carry the most pesticide residue.  They are:

1.  apples
2. celery  (57 different pesticides used!?!)
3.  strawberries
4.  peaches
5.  spinach
6.  imported nectarines
7.  imported grapes
8.  sweet bell peppers
9.  potatoes
10.  domestic blueberries
11.  lettuce
12.  kale/ collard greens

The Clean 15

These are fruits and vegetables with the least amount of pesticide residue:

1.  onions
2.  corn (I would still recommend organic in order to avoid GMOs)
3.  pineapple
4.  avocado (hallelujah)
5.  asparagus
6.  sweet peas
7.  mangoes
8.  eggplant
9. domestic cantaloupe
10.  kiwi
11.  cabbage
12.  watermelon
13.  sweet potatoes
14.  grapefruit
15.  mushrooms

Any surprises this year?  Feeling relieved about any?  I for one am happy to see avocados on the clean 15.  I can't find those organically here and we really dig them!


ssm said...

I had no idea it was updated annually either. And I always forget about potatoes--I live in WA state where potatoes abound, but organic potatoes? Oh man, those are rare and not usually local. It's a hard decision between organic and local sometimes. :(

Jana said...

I read this when it came out and I remember standing in front of the blueberries thinking "domestic or not". I forgot which were on the dirty list.

I seriously stood there for about five minutes staring at blueberries.

I'm awesome like that.

Anonymous said...

Good thing my favorite snack is a large raw onion. And not those dirty apples.