Thursday, May 12, 2011

john took the camera to work

But if I had it, I'd show you:

  • how one of my tomato varieties (the mortgage lifter) has leaves the size of my hands!  It's extraordinary really, something I've never seen!
  • the country roads inspired skirt we whipped up for Moonpie yesterday (the one that started as a shirt).
  • the felt weather chart Buddy made yesterday- his first time to use the sewing machine (and how his stitches are straighter than mine ever were as a beginner).
  • the evidence of a true rain- that lasted for a brief 10 minutes or so (our first rain in over 6 months)!

And since I didn't have the camera, I couldn't:

  • be bothered to take pictures of said rain.  Instead I was freed up to enjoy the rain completely with my children.  We ran and danced and sailed leaf boats.  We tilted chins to the sky with mouths wide open.  Oh the joy in their eyes- rain!

And since I don't have the camera, I will send you:


amanda {the habit of being} said...

yay for rain! we're supposed to be getting some tomorrow and i'm ridiculously excited for a rainy day ;-)

Baby By The Sea said...

Thanks for having me make such lovely pictures with my mind.

Aimee's Creative Photography said...

I agree...some of our best moments are not captured in a photograph but will forever be remembered in our hearts.

We are thankful too for the rain we received yesterday.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

yes! i'm so glad you posted the link to friendship bracelets. kaylyn has been begging me to show her how to make them! thanks:)

Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, please, please, PLEASE share the weather chart! That is something Jonah would LOVE to do, especially if it involves the sewing machine. He's been begging me to let him sew, but I haven't been brave enough. I hadn't thought of using felt... Can you show us so that I can shamelessly pirate your idea? :-)

As for rain... I'd gladly share some of ours. We've had so much that we can't plant the garden and here it's the middle of May.

And I don't even want to talk about giant tomato plants yet. I can't imagine. I just got mine in the ground, tiny, and under jugs to protect from possible FROST.