Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the farm grows

A few weeks ago Miss Moonpie asked if she could begin saving up for a bunny.  We talked it over and decided that it was a great idea!  Not too long after that discussion, this jar turned up in the living room:

You can see that the jar is empty now!

Look who has come to join the mini-farm-

This is Cupcake.  Also known as Bunny Boy and Little Darth Vader.  He is such a sweet addition to our daily life!

He is a Dutch bunny (hence the oreo markings).  And although he is joining the urban homestead, do not dismay.  This little honey will not be eaten!  He is simply here for the cuddles.


The Farmers said...

you know i was a bunny charmer in middle school.. love that moonpie!

Steph said...


amanda {the habit of being} said...

my poulette (6yo) has wanted a bunny FOREVER and we keep putting it off. i'll be curious to read more about your adventures with bunnie and how it goes...might be a bunny in my future as someone has an august birthday ;-)

Baby By The Sea said...

My four year old is crazy for bunnies. She recently found about Lion's Mane bunnies, who apparently have fur "that turns into wool, Mommy - like a sheep." I look forward to learning about bunny keeping through you.

Bending Birches said...

how beautiful!!!!!!