Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When we married (12 years ago this June!) we registered for dishes from Pier One.  I love that we picked a style reminscent of Fiesta Wear, but in earthier, subdued colors.  We still have many of the large dishes and pasta bowls, but our bowl and salad plate collection has slowly dwindled.  I usually pick up replacements at the thrift store, whenever they come available, but my dream would be to begin replacing them with handmade pottery.

My dad remarried when I was 15 and my step-mom brought with her a collection of pottery dishes that she had been adding to over the years.  It was the first time I had ever seen hand made pottery- and I loved them!

Here are the pieces I'm dreaming of today:

from Claytastic

I like the earthy, organic/ free formed feel to this piece.

from LeslieFreemanDesigns

This color is beautiful!  It reminds me of the ocean.

from Hughes Pottery

Love this one!  It's so moody!  The saturated blues are beautiful.

I like the idea of having coordinating pottery from different artists.  And if I'm really dreaming here, I'd love to know how to make my own...

Just add it to the list of things I want to learn how to do!


Amanda said...

I love handmade pottery, too! My mom's sister was a potter, so she left a few things behind, but my mom hasn't given me any yet. :) I loved walking through the Seattle street fairs and admiring all the handmade pottery. Somehow that never translated to my own collection...

We got cobalt and yellow Fiestaware when we were married. :) Now I have a collection of blue and white china passed down from my grandmother and a friend's mom.

Kerri said...

Having a table set with those plates would be a work of art! I love handmade pottery too, but having the kids in charge of the dishes... :)

Nicola said...

Time to make your own!

angie said...

When we got marries we thought registering for dishes was silly...now I do regret that. I am with you on wishing for handmade pottery. I especially love that middle one...gorgeous.