Thursday, May 26, 2011

backseat wisdom

I think this is the longest unplanned blogging hiatus I have ever taken.  We are doing some minor bathroom renovation, my google account got all wonky on me, and then there was every day living.  Less screen time just sort of happened.  Now that it is starting to really heat up outside (it got to 97 degrees this week), we will be in more. That's the way it goes here where we really only get two true seasons- winter and summer!


My camera cord is still floating around John's office somewhere, so I will leave you with this shot of Moonpie (taken by her brother) on our April trip to West Texas (notice the window crayons).  And some words of wisdom from said Moonpie:

The other day we were driving and this the conversation I overheard coming from the backseat:

Buddy:  I feel really mad and sad still about this morning.

Moonpie:  Don't you feel like you've carried that anger for long enough?

B:  What do you mean?

M:  Well...think of it like a bucket...and that the bucket is full of anger.  Don't you think it's time to empty the bucket?  I do.


angie said...

those are some serious words of wisdom! I love it!

The Farmers said...

What an encouragement to your parenting and raising your children up in the Lord.

Amanda said...

Brilliant! Love that Moonpie!

And yeah, I have lots of unplanned blogging hiatuses! :) I want to catch up and actually post about all that thinking I do in between...