Thursday, March 10, 2011

defending the fatherless

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Have you read about the situation in Ethiopia in regards to orphan care?

The Ethiopian Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) has announced a proposal to decrease the number of adoptions they will process and approve—even by as much as 90%. They are planning to accomplish this decrease by limiting the number of approved cases to only 5 per working day. This change is currently set to begin on March 10, 2011.  From All God's Children

Please take a minute to read  Ethiopia: A Call to Action with this in mind- there are 5 million children in Ethiopia waiting for a family.  

5 million.

you can read from some mama's waiting on their Ethiopian children:

here and here


Jana said...

I seriously don't know what to say. Just praying....

Anonymous said...

Might I ask what good and godly purpose they have given to justify this?

I realize that you have to be sure what kinds of families these children are getting, but this seems drastic and illogical.

Considering the wretched state that most of these children are in, it is hard to imagine any good reason for this.

Mandy said...

You're awesome! I was so glad to see you spreading the word. I'm hoping the Prime Minister will care when he sees all of the people who took the time to sign the petition. No telling what's going on over there!