Wednesday, March 9, 2011

while we're talking reveals...

I'm not sure why these "reveal" subjects have taken me so long to get to.  I have to admit to you that my husband is super fast at getting things done.  He doesn't sit around with an unfinished project for long.  Turns out I, on the other hand, don't mind letting things hang.  At least in this space!

Remember this picture...from December?  Me all sequestered up in the front seat of the car, unawares of all my people on the other side?  

The contents were intended to make something better out of this mess below:

This is the back room of my house.  It is connected to our kitchen.  When we bought the house this room was actually a back porch.  John built me some walls and it became our laundry room/ office/ pantry/ mud room/ sewing room.  It is a busy place and stuff tends to pile up and get dirty.  As seen above.  Yikes.  That makes me cringe!

So one fine day in December John said "let's go to IKEA today and take care of this hot mess".  Ok, not really.  He would never use the phrase "hot mess".  He's probably offended right now that I would even pretend like he does.  But he said something to that affect, and we were off.  We bought what we needed and the very next day I was sitting here:

It's like one of those Maury Povich episodes where the "guests" go from "Freak to Chic", wouldn't you agree?  I love this space now!  My sewing machine and computer can now live in perfect harmony with one another (just like ebony and ivory).  No one's vying for the coveted front and center space!

That floor to ceiling shelf is completely customizable.  We opted for 3 shelves and these wonderful pull out baskets that store all of my fabric (that I am totally going to use... one day).

The shelves above the sewing machine house my herbal studies books, gardening guides and craft books.  Before, all of my books were stacked on top of my dryer.  I spared you that "before" shot.  You're welcome.

It also stores my Tom's peanut jar that my great-grandmother once used as a paint can.  Most of the buttons inside came from John's grandmother.  They have since been added to by thrift store and estate sale purchases.  And of course- there is my love flamingo that Moonpie made me.  That girl is so sweet to me.

Here is a gratuitous close up of my machine.  If this were the movie "Australia" she'd be in the backyard pouring a bucket of water over her head, a la Hugh Jackman.  It is just that gratuitous.  

And a close up of the "country garden" reader I picked up at a local antique store.

This is my space where I connect with all of you.  Where I wipe down muddy children.  Where I wash more clothes than I knew we had.  Where I get to create.  A spot of my very own (that I gladly share with the other three members of my family).


Traci said...

So cute! Yes, I recall that little space. It is always a question.."do I have too much stuff or too little space?"..always a juggle. M will not buy at "Icheapa" as he calls it but I would love to get some handy organizing things there...I am working on him! Ikea fits for multiple reasons I say. ;-)

Glad your books got off the your eyes like waking to this space now too...less clutter=happy mama.

Rosie_Kate said...

I love it! Organized and useful spaces are just so satisfying!

The Farmers said...

I love it! I love that the room has so much light and looks out to the backyard. Way to go John for takin' care of bidness!

Kellybird said...

only you would make a maury povich reference! i love, love, love the improvements you've made!

have i told you how wonderful it is to read your blog?

amanda {the habit of being} said...

your space looks great! and such wonderful light too!

question: your herbal studies books...which series did you use?

kudos to your mr. for setting you up in style!

Rachel said...

Wow! That looks amazing. Great job.