Thursday, February 3, 2011

he took some pictures...then he made me cry

There is so much to think about in the adoption process.  Sometimes it hits all at once, and sometimes I forget that it's real.  Like I mentioned before, knitting is helping in this.  Having the tangible presence of this baby helps me remember that s/he is real and will be coming soon  (fingers crossed).  I also started looking into stocking up on cloth diapers.  After receiving the first package in the mail, John gently 'encouraged' me to hold off a little longer.

You know, until we know the actual age of the child.

One of the many gifts of this journey is meeting other people that have similar callings to adopt.  Those of us that are Christ followers are all called to care for the orphan.  This is spelled out in scripture plainly.  But I believe that this caring will look different for different people.  For us it is opening our home, but our care for the orphan world wide does not end there.

Recently we met a couple that has answered the calling to care for the orphan by offering their gifts of photography to adoptive families.  They also are certified foster parents and have just welcomed their first foster child into their home!  I am so moved by their commitment to love a child that they will only have for a short time.  Fostering, to me, is the greatest act of selfless love.

We met up with Ryan and Sara in downtown Bryan to take some pictures for our adoption portfolio.  We have to put a portfolio together to present to birth moms.  Ryan and Sara want these portfolios to look awesome, so they offer their services for free.  Ryan is such a talented photographer and is so easy to work with.  Buddy is a tough customer, but Ryan's patience and gentleness with him coaxed out some pretty awesome pictures!

Ryan posted several from our shoot on his blog.  Then he wrote some really nice things that made me cry.  Go over and check out his stuff!   And if you have any photography needs, please give Ryan a look.  I know you won't be disappointed!


The Farmers said...

I just love these pictures of you guys. Like I said before if I didn't know you I feel like I could understand you simply from these images. What a gift.

Steph said...

yes...gorgeous Mandi! Just gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Your family is just precious.

RiverBend Farm said...

I love those pictures!! Love hearing about your adoption.
About our wood stove, it is a Jotel 500. We did a lot of research on it and decided on this one and then found out, there were extenuating circumstances with the manufacturer so retailers were not going to carry it anymore. God was truly in this one.. I called over to Rudloff's in Brenham and they had one...and it was the one we wanted. I love it!

Jana said...

Perfect! All of them are so sweet and descriptive of your family. Thanks for letting my two loud children play with yours today!

Meg said...

Stunning images. Hey our camping table was borrowed from an uncle and it's very old. The table top folds in half a little like a suitcase containing the fold out seats.

Ryan Price said...

Thanks for the kind words... it was a real pleasure working with your family though. Glad we can help in the adoption journey!

theknoxes said...

I thought you were joking when you said you had all professional pictures for your portfolio! Ha! These are awesome. :)

We better get our book in first so yours doesn't arrive and trump ours. It's all about the competition, right? At least that's what I thought I kept hearing this weekend.