Sunday, April 4, 2010


ok- i know, i know, i've been away for a long time. and as i sit to strike up the conversation again, i feel like i need to stretch my blogging muscle. i'm out of shape.

just so you know, nothing catastrophic happened. i was just unplugging from the material world for a world, plugging in deeper into the spiritual. and today, on easter sunday, i'm all shiny and new. ready to get out there again.

lots happened last month (me thinks the longest month in history). my old side-kick singer bit the dust and i purchased a new fancy girl. she's so quiet i can sew when the kids are asleep! score! i've had some sewing successes and a major sewing failure. i am for sure enjoying that. our garden is going strong. i can't wait to show some pictures of all that is coming up out there. this is our fourth spring in this house, and i think the soil is finally thriving. after lots and lots of work. lots! we also have expanded our fowl flock with two new sweet ducklings. they are peeping away by my feet while i type. the kids named them clover and rose, and they are precious!

now i'm off to check on some of YOU! my have i missed you...


Becky said...

SO glad to hear from you again! I've been worried about you. Happy Easter!

Hendrick Family said...

I've missed you! And I loved the Good Weave stuff. Read that site for about an hour. Wow!


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I am so very glad you are okay and that you just unplugged. (I need to do that as fully!)
You had me worried!
Just know you were missed!

Steph said...

hey...miss you too, girl! i was so sad that you guys couldn't come pick strawberries with us. we'll have to try again with blueberries! :)

hope you had a fabulous Easter.

Corin said...

Happy Easter! So glad to hear from you!

I really want to get back to sewing too. I've been so busy, but now I think I may just get the time to start up this week again. Isn't it so relaxing?!

Glad all is well with you and your family :D

cally said...

I'm so glad you're back.