Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tough guys wear pink

buddy has a new favorite color...betcha can't guess what it is.

i have been fine with his new found love of pink. honestly, it hasn't even caused me to pause and think. a color is a color. no big deal. but then, when we went fabric shopping yesterday to choose fabric for some new soft pants** for him, he wanted pink. i'm a cool mom, i'm down with the idea of boys liking pink. i mean, pink ice cream? sure! a new pink hot wheel? fantastic! but, pink pants?!? i am ashamed to say that i tried to talk him out of it. the conversation went back and forth like this:

"how about green!"
"no mama, pink."
"ooh- what about gold!"
"no mama, pink."

so we left. with a yard of raspberry hued fabric. and one shameful mama. i would never have tried to talk moonpie out of a color, no matter how 'boyish' it seemed. i whole-heartedly supported her thomas the tank engine phase when she wanted to only wear blue and red thomas t-shirts and underwear. i even thought it was cute. so why the discrimination? why can't my buddy love pink? he tells me "pink is the most perfect color in the world, mama". who am i to say he's wrong? i'm just glad i came to my senses. because look how cute he is in his pink pants (with the requested giant pockets for lizard catching).

***soft pants are buddy's newest quirk. i can't get him into a pair of pants that are not
(a) of a soft material
(b) button-less
(c) zipper-less
it's been easy with the cooler weather to just have him throw on a pair of sweat pants, but with the days warming up i wanted a cooler material- hence the linen.


Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

So funny! I had to same "problem" with Hunter. Loved pink. He's moved on to white now. I too can relate to the pant problem. Hunter is SO picky. Today he is wearing his pajama pants to the music school. Sometimes it's just easier. Jay was never like that. Linen is a great idea. Gonna go make some pants.

The Kramer Family said...

seriously! girl. you weren't playing were you. i just talked to yesterday and today.....new pants. geez. you inspire me:)

love ya girl!

The Kramer Family said...

buddy, farmer j told me to tell you that real men wear pink. believe dat.

Amy said...

ooh, sounds like a great quirk. I need to get learning how to sew. For real! I love the lizard pockets. I loved lizard when I was little. I was called Amy Lizard by my parents. I should have had some pockets like that! They would have been beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Great pants and rasberry pink with that yellow makes it real though pants, the look comfy and cool!

Rosie_Kate said...

That cracks me up! My little guy also went through a pink phase where everything he chose was pink and he wore this girly pink belt with a heart-shaped buckle everywhere. He also is only just starting to wear jeans again. For a long time it was soft-pants only for him.