Monday, April 13, 2009

the one with all the pictures

oh man...i'm behind in blogging...where to begin? oh- i know- just jam all the info into one mega-post!

day out with thomas

he's the cheeky one

a couple of weeks ago we headed up to grapevine, tx to spend a day out with thomas. and i know, with all the anti-consumerism i spew out around here, it may be a surprise that we'd fork out the funds to hang out with thomas and his friends- but- confession time- i love thomas! i love the open ended play my children experience with their tracks and engines. we had a wonderful day together!

day out with jack

the only thing that could trump our day out with thomas was the next day when we got to spend the day with our nephew jack. is he not the most precious? this baby is so special to me. i had the honor of being there when he was born and watching (via the internet) him grow over the last couple of months. this was the first time john and the kids got to meet him. don't you just love that shot with jack and his buddy? oh man, it melts my heart...


this is the first time i have been really proud of something that i've made for moonpie. that little dress was pretty simple and the fabric is too cute! she of course deemed it 'not fancy enough' and added her bead necklaces. ah yes, now that's the fanciness we were looking for!

every year we celebrate easter with our good friends the deerings. they throw an all out easter extravaganza! there's egg decorating, egg toss, sack races, easter hat contest, egg baseball, major egg hunt, and worship. it is so much fun, and we all look forward to it!

with all this action, we've also had plenty of time to just hang out in the beauty of spring. i mean we are outside. all. day. i can't get enough of it. or of this girl:


Mandy said...

I think the beads made Moonpie's dress perfect!

Kellybird said...

i'm glad baby doll did not miss the easter day festivities. moonpie's dress is lovely (the beads took the dress to the next level!)and i can't believe how much buddy's grown since the last time i saw him.

i love spring!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Outside all day sounds lovely! We've been in and out a lot, but it's been very windy and dusty.