Wednesday, April 15, 2009


we have been loving this mild weather. we are out the door in the morning, in to make lunch, back out to eat lunch, and there we stay until i notice that it's getting little dark. of course, i'm in and out to do laundry, clean up dishes, sweep, but for the most part we are outside together- and i love that.

i see in my children their absolute need to be in the outdoors. when they are in for too long they get cranky. their little feet were created to walk through grass, their little hands to create from the earth.

my wind 'charm', made by moonpie

i am in the process of putting together a field basket for our family. in it i will place sketch pads, pencils, binoculars, jars (for collecting), field guides (birds and trees) and probably some sting ointment (buddy loves ants). i have all the stuff, just looking for a small picnic basket to keep it in. i have the spot ready by the front door, just waiting to be filled. i cannot wait to take our journals out and fill them with the beauty we see all around us.


jumbleberryjam said...

Love the field basket idea. Must make something like that for us :-)!

Mandy said...

I'm going to copy you, too! If we search really hard around here, I'll bet we can find some nature.

mandi said...

yeah amanda- you guys are totally hurting for nature!

Coby said...

i want to go