Monday, April 6, 2009

doll play

moonpie has never been very interested in dolls. as a matter of fact, the last time i tried to get her to play 'house' with me, she left the baby with me to babysit and went to a ball (dressed like a princess-surprise!). i believe that doll play is beneficial for children, both boys and girls. it gives kids a chance to care for something, to mimic the kind of parent love they see at home. buddy has a little doll that he likes to push in his dump truck, and moonpie prefers to care for her stuffed animals (or even better, her REAL chickens). so the other day when moonpie asked for a baby doll, i was shocked. she has been earning money lately and asked if she could use her money to buy a baby doll. be still my heart- she wants to pretend like she's a momma! so the search begins.

my idea:

a beautiful handmade doll from joy's waldorf dolls .

moonpie's idea:

bitty baby by american girl. don't get me wrong, i like the books and think the company offers a wholesome product. but we're aiming for petroleum free toys around here.'s our compromise:

Keptin-Jr. Baby Doll

here's what the company has to say about suzie pink: Suzie Pink is made of phthalate-free vinyl. The vinyl has a pleasant baby powder scent. Suzie's torso is covered with organic cotton and stuffed with Ingeo™ fiber, a man-made biodegradable fiber derived from corn, not petroleum. So you get the best of both worlds: her hands, head and legs are easy to wipe clean, and the soft trunk makes her huggable. The doll's hooded dress is made of organic cotton. Suzie Pink comes with her own doudou / towel doll (made of organic cotton of course!). Made in Europe.

so she's not handmade. she's not one of a kind. she has a baby powder scent (gross). but she's pthalate -free and according to moonpie 'looks real' (and comes with her own 'doudou'- hahaha!!!).

anyone out there have any experience with this doll?


Brandi said...

i'm no help whatsever. betty isn't very interested in dolls, and i'm just working on getting jonas not to use his stuffed animals as weapons.

crockerdile said...

Hannah has a bitty baby and while it's not environmentally friendly she loved it for many years...she still sleeps with her first baby doll even at almost 13.My advice, for what it's worth, if you like the other one buy it for her as a gift. She might not like it now but she may later. That's what happened with us.

Launi said...

We have the Bitty Babies as well. But I truly appreciate the information about this more earth-friendly dolly. I had no idea that such a thing exists. Thanks--

Coby said...
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Cluck and Tweet said...

That does sound like a good compromise:) Neither one of my boys ever agreed to play with a doll-- although they did use the little waldorf baby as "venomous ghost" for awhile (sigh. the lack of a face provided all sorts of unfortunate imaginative play with those two). My baby girl is just a year, and not interested in much other than nursies or playsilks yet, however, her brother wanted to make her an "American Girl" doll for her birthday. So if your little one wants one of these (scroll down the archives), I'm sure he'd be happy to whip one up:)

crockerdile said...

I found these dolls and thought of Moonpie. They are very cute , phthalate-free, and make a donation to a good cause. They are bigger girl dolls...not babies, but very cute.

crockerdile said...

oh yeah... here's the link...oops :-)