Friday, April 3, 2009

favorite book friday

in honor of the beautiful spring weather we are having around here, i have chosen miss rumphius by barbara cooney for today's favorite book friday.

as a little girl, alice rumphius is instructed that whatever she chooses to do in life, she should really only aim for one goal- to make the world a more beautiful place. there is much wondering about what makes a person successful, and this is the message i want my children to hear. that a successful person makes the world more beautiful. period. what a lovely, open ended charge to give someone. making the world more beautiful is up for much personal interpretation...and i like that. around here we talk about how we can make the world more beautiful on a daily basis, the little ways- showing kindness, respecting someone's wishes (siblings, ahem), working in the garden, making bread for a friend, picking up trash...every day is a new opportunity to make the world more beautiful.

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Corin said...

Hi! How ironic you have a Levi David, my husband's name is David! And I actually thought about naming our son Levi David.

Anyway, you have such a sweet blog here. I'm glad to "meet" you :)

Oh and I really love this post. Such a beautiful thing to encourage in your children.