Tuesday, March 31, 2009

good friends and chicken soup

one of the beautiful things about friendship is the chance to learn something, to take something away. my two friends brandi and traci are gifted at hospitality. if they hear mention that you may be sick, they don't wait for an invitation, they come running with food, making sure your family is fed while you're down. i'm sad to say that this is not my natural tendency. i always think that people will let you know when they need something, not to intrude until asked. come on! here's one thing i've learned over the years. people lie! people don't want to burden you, so they lie when you ask if you can do anything. and the old me, the pre-brandi/traci me would be satisfied with this. but no longer. i have learned from these women that when there is a hint of sickness in the air, you come, because there is nothing better to a momma than to know that her family is taken care of...even when she's flat out in bed watching 'you've got mail'. in that spirit, here is my recipe for 'good for whatever ails ya chicken soup' (i say recipe, but to be honest i just kinda chunk things into the pot- so bear with me!):

chicken stock:

i typically roast a chicken on monday for dinner so i can have chicken throughout the week. that night i make stock from the bones.

  • put the chicken carcass in a pot and cover (almost completely) in water
  • throw in some turnips (a good way to use up your csa box!), a few cloves of garlic, half an onion, some celery (if you have it) and the number one ingredient- BAY LEAVES!!!
  • bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes
  • turn down to a simmer- simmer for a few hours (3-5, or even over night in a crock pot)

the onions and garlic have great healing power!


  • chopped carrots
  • stock
  • bring these things to a boil and then turn down to a simmer (to cook carrots)
  • add 2 cups cooked brown rice and leftover chicken from the roasted chicken
  • squeeze in half a lemon (for healing)
  • grate some fresh ginger (for healing)
  • add a few more bay leaves and salt and pepper to taste

and that's about it. a pot full of healing goodness!!!


Rachel said...

Mmmm! I just bought a few chickens from some friends--this sounds delicious. I love your ideas of adding ginger, too.

Momma Bear said...

I love this post. It's so loving in a straight let me hear it kind of way! Thanks for the recipe too.

Kellybird said...

making chicken stock in a crockpot overnight?!??!


Mandy said...

Oh yum! And, you are so right about needing to step up and just help people. I always wait thinking I don't want to intrude, but No Longer! Watch out my sick friends - I'll be on your doorstep with some of Mandi's chicken goodness!

Brandi said...

wow, if i had known a little extra pasta would buy me a shout out, i would have brought it sooner!

this sounds yummy. i've never put ginger in it before.

i made stock in a crockpot last week, and it just about changed my life. i have several chicken backs in my freezer, because by the time i'm done chopping up the whole chicken i just can't deal. but it's easy to throw it in sometime before bed! it was awesome; i had to stop myself from drinking it straight for breakfast.

Momma Bear said...

hey Mandi!

Thx a bunch for all the commenting on my blog, it's encouraging when others can see where you're going or empathize whatever it's appreciated! Also in regards to what brand of Cod liver oil i use, it's Barleans Organics. I've heard a lot of good things about Nordic Naturals and may try that soon. I also just saw NOW brand makes high potency Vit D tabs. I think I'm going to give those a whirl for now.
Talk to you later!

Mandy said...

I made this stock in my cp yesterday and my house smelled in.credible!