Monday, May 26, 2008

stove top shame

this is my horribly dirty stove. i am ashamed. i promised myself when we bought it that i would clean it daily and that it would always be as shiny clean as the day we took it out of the box. who was i kidding? have i ever met myself? anyway, i figured i could share my shame with the world and maybe offer some non-toxic cleaning tips while at it. so here goes:

1. sprinkle baking soda all over the stove- thicker on extra tough/greasy spots

2. spray the surface with a vinegar/water mix (my all-purpose cleaner is 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water, i use this)

3. let it sit

4. wipe off. this shot is the stove without any scrubbing.

i love to clean with vinegar and baking soda. they are my best cleaning friends (besides my daughter who does windows and my husband who does dishes)! i feel good when i can safely and confidently clean right alongside my children. it also allows me to include them in the cleaning efforts because i don't have to worry about the typical health concerns tied into cleaning with conventional products. it really hit home when i walked in the kitchen one day and buddy (at the time barely over a year) had gotten the vinegar/water mix off the counter and was in the act of sucking on the sprayer. i was so thankful that God taught me the lesson of being more careful with my supplies in a very gentle way! and for the vinegar wary, don't worry, the smell vanishes when it dries! if you don't clean naturally right now or are stumped for some recipes, let me know through the comments which specific ones you'd like to know. i'd be happy to share more!


Hello Pinners!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  If you're interested in an updated version of my all purpose cleaner, check out {THIS POST}.


Mandy said...

toilets?! preferably without having to touch them, or be in the same room as them, please.

The Wound Up Waitress said...

I am going to try this today...made a mess when making cabbage rolls! Thanks for the awesome idea

The Wound Up Waitress said...

Awesome Idea. Doing housecleaning today and going to try this!

Anonymous said...

I just finished using this and it worked beautifully!!!! Thanks for the tip :o)

Anonymous said...

I cleaned my stove with your remedy and it definitely worked. The issue now is that the stove wont lite. I am not sure if the vinegar and water is affecting the stove. Do i need to wait over night and hope that if there is moisture it will dry.

But through all of this my stove top is definitely clean.

mandi said...

Oh dear! I have no idea what the problem is! I have never had this issue in conjunction to the cleaning. have you tried turning the gas on low and lighting it with a long lighter?

Megan Ziolkowski said...

About how long do you keep the mix on the stove before you can wipe it off?

Megan Ziolkowski said...

Our stove did that to where it wouldn't light. Hubby said to take the little metal plates that lay on top of the burner off to allow air flow. The thing that lights the propane got wet and that's why it won't light.

mandi said...

Awesome! thank you Megan (and hubs) for your insight!