Tuesday, May 27, 2008

out of sorts

i am out of sorts today. i am cranky and allowing my ungodly frustration to get the better of me. i am introspective today, focusing on flaws of character and then running from the results.

focus my attention on YOU, Lord. increase my portion of You so i can then let Your love overflow to my family.


Coby said...

I wrote a similar blog yesterday for my prayer class. Here's my entry:

Although I had a great day today, I found my soul to be restless. I say all of this because it was tough for me to resonate with the readings on “Thanksgiving” this week. As much as am trying to be thankful today, my soul won’t cooperate. It’s just one of “those” days. This led me to ask the question, “Why is it so difficult to be thankful sometimes when I’m so insanely blessed?” Shane Claiborne said something about miracles that helped me work through this a bit. He suggested that Americans never see miracles because they/we never surrender control. We rely on technology to help us control illnesses, weather, weight, aging, etc. While none of this is bad, we become addicted to being in control. Back to being thankful… I think I sometimes get caught in the trap of consumerism. During those moments I find it tough to be thankful. The first time I realized this was when those slap bracelets came out when I was in 4th grade. I just HAD to have one. I bought two and then forgot about them after a month. I was on to the next thing. While I am generally a joyful person I sometimes find myself longing to live or work somewhere else. Like I mentioned last week, it’s tough for me to “be where I am.” So, today is a restless day and I’m finding it difficult to be thankful. As I mentioned last week, every day I must choose life. For the most part, it is getting easier to surrender and be content. However, today is just one of “those” days.

Brandi said...

oh, mandi, i can relate. i am prone to this as well. i'll pray for you.