Friday, May 2, 2008

renewed vision

i have recently been feeling sorry for myself and my lack of land. coveting the land around me, daydreams of being a sunflower farmer. i was really in a pit of selfishness on tues.- complaining to a friend even. that same day a friend of mine (who is an actual farmer) sent out a youtube video about a family in so-cal who live in l.a. and run a microfarm on a city lot. every square inch of their land is planted, and 85% of it is edible! what an inspiration! so now i have renewed vision and energy about being an urban homesteader. i've been out surveying spots for fruit trees, herb gardens, bigger veggie boxes, and a spot for goats. we'll see what transpires, but i am excited! and even more importantly i'm feeling content, grateful even, for what i DO have. what a waste of time (and energy) to wallow in self-pity.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we could have seen this exhibition:
It made me think of you...and makes me think we should plant tomatoes in my parent's front yard. Those round ornamental bushes really aren't very useful.


P.S. I've had green onions and radishes from my garden thus far...they just taste so much better when you know where they come from.