Saturday, May 10, 2008


we just returned from our first camping trip since buddy was born (almost 2 years ago!). it was an overnighter in celebration of mother's day. we had a great time! the scenery was so beautiful, and just what i needed- lots of trees, room to wander and my family. there was a point last night as the air was rapidly escaping from our air mattress (that's right, we shared a mattress in a 3 man tent) that i woke up with a pain in my rear. it was touching the ground leaving my legs and head straight up in the air. imagine a well poised letter 'v' if you will. the moon was amazingly bright so i was able to still see the trees above us. i had moonpie vertically across my legs and buddy sweating on my chest, so the only option WAS to look up! but back to the moment. lying there i began to feel so grateful. grateful to be sweating under my 2 monkeys beneath the trees and the moon. now they are snug in their beds and they seem so far away . give me a tent and all of us piled on top of each other- that is happiness.

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