Monday, April 28, 2008

more peas, please!

we have our first harvest! my snow peas that i planted much too late have produced! i am this way. i wait too long to sow the plants and then i frantically put the seeds in praying that something will happen. we have been having some bouts of cool weather here and there and i think that this has saved me. or my peas, that is. this picture is of moonpie's little hand picking the peas. she was so excited! buddy found some too and celebrated by pulling up an entire plant and then throwing the peas to the ground saying 'i don't want it'. to vindicate his almost 2 year old self, he went back later and ate them. dirt and all. i now have the challenge set before me of cooking a meal that will consist of exactly 8 snow peas...stir fry it is! (how creative)

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