Wednesday, May 28, 2008

big boy boots

here's a picture of buddy with his new big boy boots on! after scouting out payless we ended up at the saddle shop where we found these. he loves them! "boots" he cries, i suppose expecting me to come running from across the house with his beloved boots on a velvet pillow. these boots have brought some peace though, as he is not trying to wear his sissy's any more. and just look how cute he is in them!
on another note, check out the giant zucchini he's holding! that came in my csa order yesterday and it must be a little over 2 feet long! for those of you shaking your heads thinking it will be too seedy and tough, just wait right there mister, this is a special variety that is SUPPOSED to be big. bring on the zuc cookies and bread and pizza crust and...

a shot of veggie man (some additional items from the csa: zephyr squash, sweet onion, dill and ginormous zuc.)


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Great post! Enjoyed the boy, the boots, the veggie man and the canoe sized zuchinni!! :)

Mandy said...

What - three days in a row?! I can't keep up.

The boots are great! And, versatile as far as my kids are concerned. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, bathing suits. The fashion possibilities are endless. Oh, and at our house they don't even have to be the right size. Buddy made a good choice.

Now, you have to share a zucchini recipe. I'm sure you will have plenty to choose from with that one zuc.

Brandi said...

so, so cute. he looks so big in them. jonas wears his absolutely everywhere. he'll got lots of use out of them.

Kellybird said...

zucchini cookies? now that is something i will try...

oh yes, and i was watching this movie last night - paris je'taime - and one of the characters mentioned that beets have more sugar than carrots. we put carrots in cake so it makes sense that beets would be good in cakes, right? so anyway, i'm warming up :)

johannapule said...

first--he is so precious!!!!!
second--forget the myspace comment in my last email, I know where to go for photos and updates on you guys
third---i love that zucchini
fourth---you guys are totally awesome for feeding your cat raw foods, but is that really going to work?
fifth--I love you, Buddy, Moonpie and JD :)

The Kramer Family said...

Thanks for the comment. I love your blog! I'm glad I came over here to have a look! I will be checking in with you guys and would LOVE to have some of your zucchini recipes....they sounded great!

See ya!