Friday, May 16, 2008

the little wife

i have been thinking a lot lately about the role of 'homemaker'. i remember in college and after thinking myself a feminist. thinking that the heart of feminism was the option to choose. but now, as a wife and a mom i realize that feminism is the right to choose, but only if it is to be out of the home. a woman who chooses to stay in the home is a disgrace, putting 'us' back to where 'we' fought so hard to escape. i must say that i have never felt the peace and the strength that i feel now as homemaker. this is the work that i have chosen, and i am proud of it. in raising my daughter i want her to know of her options. yes, she can be an architect, yes, she can be a midwife, but i am cheating her if i do not raise her with the option of homemaker as well.

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Coby said...

did you hear Southwestern now offers a BA in homemaking?