Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the problem with supper

It never fails, it is supper time, things are about half way through, and my mind starts wandering to all of the projects that I have put on the back burner today.  Whether it be a sewing project or an herbal concoction, it's hard for me to put it off any longer.  So the way it always goes is when there are vegetables to be chopped and salads to be made, I find myself at my sewing machine, or digging through our home apothecary, trying to squeeze one more project into the day.  The kids are engaged with daddy, the space in my brain has opened up just enough for the ability to multi-task.  And I can't resist.

a birthday crown for the baby bird

I find myself saying, "just one more stitch, I can get one more stitch in before supper is to be served".  Wouldn't you know that usually, I can't seem to step away from it, and all of those stitches come together and holler "done!".  Supper may be a tad late getting on the table, but no one seems to mind.  That's the problem with supper isn't it?  It always seems to fall at the most inopportune times!


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I do that too, usually with knitting :)

Traci said...

supper, delivering things/handme downs, errands....today is a day that I want so badly to be in my craft room...pants to mend, shirts to iron, an herbal sachet to make from old jammie pants...a sweater for me on the needles...these pulls carry me forward in the day and I hunger for them until I serve my family and then at times...I do juggle them both just like that Mandi! I am embarrassed at times to post a meal on FB as it is obvious that we are eating supper at 8pm! The creative life!! I say, as long as the hubs is okay with it, go for it!! And yes, Martin takes them ALL outside for a spin on bikes, etc and I get this little space to yes, prep food, exercise but the pull to create is desperate!