Tuesday, February 12, 2013

rainy day sewing

It's another overcast, chilly day here.  The oldest is working on her Amelia Earhart report, the youngest is sleeping, and the middle is building with his Legos.


I still get fluttery in my stomach when I think about the fact that I have three children now.  That's enough to have one in the middle.  I am the middle child in my family- it's a special spot.  One of distinction, even!

With everyone quietly at work and at rest, I have found myself cutting out another peasant blouse for my baby girl.  This is the fourth one I have made for her, but only the third wearable one.  The first was riddled with "learning", and passed over to the doll chest.

I have had this fabric forever in my stash.  Never touched.  Just waiting.  It's funny to think that I bought this before there ever was a baby Birdy, and now it is just the thing to wrap her up in.  It never grows old- the wonderful way this world works.

Here is a blurry Instagram shot of Miss Birdy in one of her shirts.  Another buttery, soft Anna Maria Horner voile.  If you want to join me on Instagram I'm @herbanhomestead.  Hope to see you there!


Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, how adorable! Now I want a baby girl, just so I can make one of those tops. Okay, maybe that's not the only reason... :-)

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

So adorable! Love both fabrics.

Becky said...

i have to say - sewing for babies is so much more fun than for kids. or rather, so much cheaper and easier. i miss that. when charlie wants something nowadays i have to pause and figure out where i'm going to get 2-3 yards of fabric...ps - i love this fabric!