Tuesday, October 23, 2012

when life hands you a sister...

...make cookies and have a tea party.

We are experiencing some occasional growing pains over here in regards to the newest sister.  For the most part they are both doing great.  Better than great!  But then there are moments where I catch one looking a little mopey as they are trying to process all that has happened in their life this past week.

I thought having 2 weeks to prepare was hard on me, well, it seems it's a little harder on the big kids.

I have a sweet friend who reminded me this morning that growing pains are good!  That was a reminder that I needed this morning.  Like a butterfly fighting her way out of a chrysalis in order to stretch her wings, my sweeties are all bound up in mixed feelings and emotions.  But I know all of this laboring through will produce something beautiful in their lives.

It is a practice to remember that God has not only called John and I into the ministry of adoption, but He has called these two into it as well.  And what they are learning right now is preparing them for whatever He has planned for them.

I already see some of the fruits;  Moonpie offering to bathe her sister, Buddy wanting to help put her laundry away.  And last night I overheard Buddy telling John that he wasn't going to get married.  When asked about having kids he said "I'm going to adopt two boys".  Same for Moonpie.  She has determined that birth is too painful a process, so adoption is the better route for her!  "Besides Mama, all those babies need a home.  They can just come live with me."

I couldn't have said it better.


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delish. When life gave me a sister, all I got was a roommate. Oh, and a best friend. :) Excited for your kiddos and their new sister.

mandi said...

They got up this morning and made those cookies all by themselves!
Thanks for your encouragement this morning!

Cheryl said...

Moonpie is a girl after my own heart. <3