Wednesday, August 22, 2012

second day of school

Remember how our first day of school was full of kittens and sunshine?  Well day two went a little differently.  Sure, it started out well enough with a little gardening

Later in the day we went back out to demonstrate how craters formed on the moon.  We threw our "meteors" into a bowl of flour to make the craters.  We made moon rocks.  Then someone got the idea to throw the bowl of flour in mama's face.  And mama, never being one to back down from a good food fight, picked up that 5 pound bag of flour and dumped it on "some one's" head.

 Moonpie told me I looked like Jane Goodall.  I'll take that as a compliment.

We showered twice, but I'm still finding dough in my ears.  And poor Buddy, it's still caked on his face even after two scrubs.  We had to take a scrub break so his little face wouldn't scrub right off!

This was FUN!!!  So much fun!  Moonpie told me later that it's the most fun she's ever had with me.  I thought to myself "well, that was easy".  I think there are more flour fights in our future.  For.  Sure.


Rosie_Kate said...

Oh. My. Again, I'm impressed. I think if that started in my house, I would have a hard time having fun instead of having a cow. :-/ But I know i need to lighted up. I have no doubt it was fun! You're such a fun mama!

The Farmers Nest said...

That's the best. Homeschooling, being free to make a mess and not care, and making precious memories.