Monday, April 23, 2012

shadow puppets

It is in that moment, right after bed time stories and before back rubs and songs, that our arms go up, casting shadow puppets on the walls.  Elk, bunnies, and reindeer prance by, until the shark attack.  Arms tuck back in and that sleepy head rolls towards me.  Every night he asks, "mama, what was your favorite today?" and we recount the day.

The swimming with friends,

the board games before bed,

the ice cream sandwiches in bathing suits.

And I hope he knows that my favorite of that day, of every day, is being mama.


6.  shadow puppets with Buddy
7.  corn coming up ankle high!
8.  cool, breezy mornings
9.  movie date with Moonpie
10.  Sunday afternoons spent with friends
11.  new books
12.  those squinty, pleading eyes on my two, that I can't say no to (they know it too!)

joining Anne


Sylvia R said...

Ah, shadow puppets! Sweet memories (although we didn't have the expertise to do so many as you). Delightful share.

Court said...

What a creative ending to story time! I don't even think my littlest has seen shadow puppets so I bet it's time we gave it a try!

Christina said...

Those nighttime rituals are the best! Enjoyed reading your list. I love new books too!

Amanda said...

So sweet, Mandi. Love those sleepy moments.

Just stopping by to say hello, and I'm thinking of you! I might blog again eventually. ;)