Friday, March 2, 2012

one week later

Remember last week when we got our sweet, fuzzy chicks?

Look at them one week later.  Still sweet, still a little fuzzy, but getting their feathers in.  This is Dusty.  She is an Auricana (or an Americana, whichever you prefer).  She will lay teal eggs for us and we will love her for it!

Dusty likes to perch on Moonpie's finger and fly up to her shoulder for rides.  It's amazing to me that just one week after birth, they are already trying to fly.  Today we move them out to a temporary shelter (ie: rabbit hutch) in the backyard.  They are just getting too big for their little feed trough in the garage.

And speaking of things getting too big:



Cheryl said...

Too big indeed...

Rosie_Kate said...

Babies of all sorts do grow fast...

MarthaE said...

(Obviously I can't just pop into a blog and move on! LOL)
I love the chicken coop and have to show that to my DH.
Many years ago (time flies) we raised chickens - mostly Rhode Island Reds. We had a few "fancy" chickens given to us. I had one that looked like this Auricana. I never knew what she was. We kept her separate as she was so much smaller. As I recall she laid the cutest little blue (teal) eggs!
Children grow so fast. I am enjoying beautiful grandchildren now. :-)