Monday, March 5, 2012

de awesomest fing!

 I knew the minute I saw this box that Buddy would love it.

He loves old stuff.

He collects vintage cameras.

He's five.

The rust, the fact that it belonged to the Highway Dept.  It just screamed Buddy to me.

And then I opened it!

Cue the angels.

I told the elderly man at the estate sale that I was buying it for my son.  He insisted I dig through it right there to see if any razor blades were in the box.  So I did.  And there weren't any.

When I got it home, Buddy was just as excited as I knew he'd be.  Not too long after, his friend from next door came over and I overheard Buddy tell him "I have got to show you something.  It is de awesomest fing!".  And when that other little boy opened the box he responded with "WHOA!  Is this yours???  Awesome!!!".

I can't wait to see what he does with his little box of treasures.  Will he glue it all together?  Build a robot?  Or will he just hold onto it as is, preserving the catch of all of the grandpa that used it to hold his odds and ends?

Whatever he chooses I'm sure it will be awesome.

Probably de awesomest.  Because that's who he is.