Monday, September 26, 2011

checking in

This weekend John officiated a wedding for a family that is very dear to us.  We all went up to Waco for the night and packed lots into a very short window of time.  The wedding was a late evening ceremony on Saturday in the backyard of the bride's grandmother.  It was very sweet and had lots of charming touches.  About five minutes before the ceremony began, Moonpie was doubled over in stomach cramps.  I was so thankful for the venue in that moment!  She was able to lie in bed until the ceremony was over.  We hit the road to get back home right after and the poor little dear began getting sick.  She ended up vomiting 6 times in the car on the ride home and then off and on throughout the night.  She is a trooper, and by the next day was up and slowly regaining her appetite.  Today John came home from work sick, so we are back in for round two.  Ugh.  

In the meantime Buddy and I, being the lone survivors, are doing all we can to fortify ourselves against this bug.  He (and now, Moonpie) is eating lots of yogurt with some extra probiotics mixed in.  I'm taking my probiotic capsules and eating lots of yogurt as well.  I'm also hitting my immune builder herbs pretty hard.  And then there's the hand washing and laundry.  A never ending cycle.

At this point in my mommying (and life) I realize that no plan is full proof, so I'm making an extra large pot of my feel better chicken soup just in case the children have to fend for themselves for the next couple of days.  Fingers crossed they won't have to!  Nothing worse than being sick and having feral children running around!


Traci said...

oh man, tossing it up in the car? that has not happened to us, sorry but good to know her body is fighting it well...hope it does skip you mama! that is tough when they rule the roost and mama is down and out but I still think it is tougher on me when they are sick and I am well anyway..the upside is that you kinda don't care if it all gets tossed out of control because if you are sick

amanda {the habit of being} said...

not fun! hope they are on the mend soon and of course that you and buddy remain germ free! this is a good reminder to have some charcoal and slipper elm on hand...our supply has dwindled so putting it on my shopping list now!

Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, yuck! Hope you're all over it very soon!

Raw cider vinegar is great for warding off stomach ickies. We splash it into our drinking water frequently when we need it.

Amanda said...

Oh, dear, that is SO not fun! I hope everybody's tummies are settled soon, and that you avoid getting sick, too!!