Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Our Easter garden

Last night we observed passover in a very protestant, modern way.  We ate pizza (it was practically unleavened), lit some candles and talked about what the passover meant for the Israelites thousands of years ago and what it means for us today.  It just so happens that we have been studying Moses and the passover account in our Bible curriculum during the school day, so the kids were really into the discussion we had.

The conversation was about remembering.

About obedience.

God told His people that He wanted them to talk about the passover every year- to remember how He set them free from their slavery under the Egyptians.  How He sent an angel to "passover" the homes marked with the blood from the sacrificial lamb.  How death fell on the households of those that did not obey.

We discussed how God wanted His people to remember what He has done, because we are extra good at forgetting His goodness.  He pours grace upon grace over us, and in the midst of hardships (or sometimes, just getting through the day), we forget.  We forget that the God we have entrusted our eternity with, can be entrusted with our present.

This talk of remembering resonated with me.  I have been focusing on remembering lately as we wade through the s-l-o-w adoption process.  Remembering that the God that gave us two remarkable children through birth is the same God that is adding to our family again through adoption.  That His timing is perfect.  Truly perfect.  That we are not choosing a baby.  No.  We are waiting on the baby that we have been chosen for.

I love how throughout scripture, God refers to Himself as "the One who was, the One who is, and the One who will be".  He is forever.  He's always been forever.  And when I begin to forget this, I can look back on the way He has blanketed us with His lavish love.

How our neighbor that has never spoken to us brought us two watermelons on the morning that I woke up craving watermelon.  How He walked us through losing a baby.  How zinnias, my very most favorite flower, are popping up all over the garden.  How He walked me through my parent's divorce.  How He walked the Israelites through the wilderness.

He's always been there.


I want to remember.


As we reflect and celebrate during this holy week, we are using these two ideas/resources:

an Easter Garden

this devotion (we are simply following the guide for the week between Palm Sunday and Easter) as suggested by my buddy Heather.

I'd love to hear what you are doing!


Knox said...

I want to lend you our adoption verse: He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it. 1 Thess 5:24

We can take it back from you when our time (finally, maybe?) rolls around. :)

Becky said...

I love how you said you are waiting on the baby that you have been chosen for. I am praying daily for you. I check your blog every day...don't always have time to comment, but I LOVE your words. Thank you for encouraging me! I love you sweet friend!


Hendrick Family said...

I love remembering what He has done to remind of what He is surely doing.

He is doing. Working. All of history and our personal history tells us so.

I love you! I also love that you made the garden. I want to do that next year.


amanda {the habit of being} said...

I loved this post! We have been using the Trail to the Tree guide (Ann Voskamp) this Passover season and it has been so very good.

You are such an encouragement!

Rosie_Kate said...

I am often struck by my striking likeness to the children of Isreal...

Lovely post.

Traci said...

You are more organized than me..this is what I plan to do Saturday night:
We will have several years of using different things to share the history with our children thankfully. Love the garden idea. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This blog post means a lot to me. I love you, sister. And your sweet family.