Monday, March 21, 2011

slow and steady

Do you remember that day last summer when we thought it time to take Moonpie's training wheels off?  Do you remember the tears and the frustration?
Just look at my poor baby!  It breaks my heart to see that!

She has been asking for a while now to try again, and yesterday we finally did it.  You know what happened?  She did it.  She did it!  There was no running behind the bike, no wobbly legs.  She just took off like she'd been doing it for years!  We were all so proud of our girl.

This moment, on the bike, was another confirmation for one of the aspects I feel strongly about in child rearing and education.  When a child is ready, they will succeed.  I think back to all of those parent/teacher conferences I took part in when I taught in the public school.  I had the inkling of the thought that the children would get it when they were ready, but that wasn't a popular notion with my parents or the administration.  But now I am confident in this thinking.  Some children need gentle nudges and encouragement, and some just take off on their own, but the fact remains that if you let a child move at their own pace, the success will be easier to come by.
I could have set Moonpie outside for the last year forcing her to ride- and she would have been miserable in the process.  But this way, allowing her to trust her own judgement and her own intuition, she proudly conquered what she set out to do.

Slow and steady.
In her own time.


Traci said...

Great job! I recently went to a very much liked and respected doc for an annual checkup on my three. Got some bad advice that leans this direction...push instead of wait. It messes with the mind of a parent when the world wants you to push them when what they and we need to do is trust the child especially when there is nothing functionally wrong with the child. Great job Moonpie!

Traci said...

oh, and I should say, great job John and Mandi for waiting!

The Farmers said...

What a happy and proud moment. I still remember the exact moment I rode my bike without training wheels and succeeded. Way to go Moonpie!

Coby said...

great blog. i shared it with my 1133 facebook friends. you're welcome.

JOHANNA said...

I needed to read this today. Thanks Mandi :)

melissa said...

i have 4 teenagers and a three year old that i have always practiced this philosophy with, often to the shock and disapproval of family and friends. it works. children can be trusted to learn and develop on a timetable that is right for them. children need time to be just that, children.

i really enjoy reading your blog!

Julia Channing said...

I needed to read this post! Here lately I have been a little concerned that Josiah (19 months)still isn't talking very much. He says a few words and is contantly chattering but not at the rate of other toddlers his same age. Your post reminded me that all kids are different and learn different things at different rates. He is done everything else at an exceptionally fast rate so I'm not going to worry about the fact that he isn't talking much right will come on his own time! Thanks Mandi! : )

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

In her own time. :) I love that.
Mine still has training wheels and I am okay with that. In his own time, I am thinking her little brother will be off his first.