Sunday, June 6, 2010

a day of firsts

Yesterday was a big day for Moonpie.
She asked her daddy to take the training wheels off of her bike!

Our Moonpie is a DIY learner. One thing we work on with her is having a teachable spirit. Not that it's bad to learn things on your own or the hard way, but sometimes it's ok, and necessary, to glean from someone else's experience. We know that this will be a life-long lesson for her, so we try to be patient with the process.
Daddy finally convinced her that it is best to ride with shoes on. Especially when learning a new skill!
She was reminded that learning something new is hard, and often frustrating work.
Later that day we got to go swimming with friends, and she jumped off of the big rock slide! We were so proud of her courage! Our cautious and careful girl had a blast stretching herself in this way. This is one thing I've loved about parenting. Watching our children as they step outside of their comfort zones. Really pushing the boundaries they have set for themselves.
Out of her very full day, Moonpie was most pleased with the fact that she lost her first tooth that evening! It was hanging on by a thread, so much so that a bite of spaghetti knocked it out!
She placed her tooth in the pocket of the tooth doll I made for her. I saw these on Etsy and fell in love, but couldn't afford the price tag. And even though mine isn't quite as lovely as the original, Moonpie was head over heels for her. Any imperfection my eye sees is completely non-existent to her. She named her Emily and hasn't been far from her since I finished stitching her up.
This morning Moonpie found a dollar in Emily's pocket and a book under her pillow. She couldn't have been more pleased!
She carried her tooth with her to church this morning so she could show it to everyone!
What a full day.
A day full of firsts.


Amanda said...

Oh, so sweet! Love the doll, and congrats to Moonpie on all her firsts!

My mom will never let me forget how mean I was to her when she tried to teach me how to ride a bike. Apparently I accused her of *making* me fall, and of not really *wanting* me to succeed. I'm pretty sure the word "hate" was in there somewhere, too. Then my dad gave it a shot, and I was a bike-riding angel. ;)

Mandy said...

Okay - that picture of Moonpie makes me want to cry. Way to take a deep breath and keep trying, sweet girl!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Those are both HUGE at this age! And I love the tooth doll. I have been thinking to make a pillow, but I like the doll idea!