Friday, February 18, 2011


photo credit:  Heather Hendrick Sit a Spell

Remember my friends that are serving in Haiti with their four boys?  Well, Heather's boys are participating in a Readathon to support TeacHaiti.  From TeacHaiti's website:

The goal of TeacHaiti is to provide annual 
education scholarships to some of 
Haiti's neediest children who would not otherwise 
be able to attend school.

This is a wonderful organization to support!  I love that Heather's boys have taken this challenge on.  Kids helping other kids is such a beautiful sight.  Maybe your kids can be involved too!  Take a minute to go on over to Heather's blog and see how you can help out!  



Hendrick Family said...

Thank you sweet friend!

The boys are reading away.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

HI Mandi. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for stopping by! I think that is a great organization and your friend's son's are awesome for doing what they are doing. There are so many little ways we can do good! That is so cool about your sister. I hope you get to reap the benefits! :)