Monday, February 21, 2011

homeschooling {a typical day}

It has occurred to me that this is the time of year that people begin looking forward to the next school year.  I have had many conversations lately with both strangers and close friends about "what homeschooling looks like".  Some are just curious and some are seriously considering the option for their family.  I have decided that for the next few posts, I am going to focus on how we homeschool in our own home.

First off- I must mention- that homeschooling looks very different in every home.  What we do here may not work for you.  And that's ok!  The lovely thing about homeschooling is that you can make it whatever you want it to be to fit your family and your individual children.

We have a loose homeschooling structure that works very well for us.  It is very flexible, but structured enough that Moonpie feels comfortable with it.  Buddy is pretty much good with anything we do- just their personality differences.

I do not have a timed out schedule that I follow.  Some find freedom in that method.  That plain stresses me out.  What I do is see how the morning starts off.  If the kids are really in creative play mode, I don't interrupt that.  I let them play until I begin to sense that things are about to go down hill.  So one day we might start school around 9 am.  Some days we don't start until 1 pm.  It just depends on the level of their imaginations, if we have morning errands or if I have morning work that needs to be done.  However, most days we start school around 10 am.  And this is what it looks like:

  • Morning chores
  • Circle Time {Moonpie and Buddy}
  • Bible Study {Moonpie and Buddy}
  • Buddy's Guided study time/ Moonpie's independent study time
  • Buddy plays quietly/ Moonpie's guided lessons
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • History or Science {Moonpie and Buddy}
  • Literature 
  • Rest Time
  • Creative Time
  • Outside Play
  • Nature study {Friday- Moonpie and Buddy}
Throughout the week I am going to flesh out what we do during each of these times.  We don't follow a curriculum, but I will share with you what I have pieced together for us.

If you have any specific questions, please ask away and I'll do my best to answer them!


Heather said...

YaY I love looking into other families home school days! I can't wait for the break down, and would love to know the why's of your descision to home educate. Each has his/her own reasons and I love hearing them. My husband and I are both H.S graduates :)

The Farmers said...

Thank you for posting on this subject. I can't wait to read more.

Amanda said...

Oh, Mandi, I love you!! I'm fine, I've just been too lazy/busy reading/distracted by the local people in my life to blog. And the longer I go... the harder it is to start again. I was planning to do that this weekend, so looks like today is the day! :)

Your homeschool day sounds so very, very familiar. :) Can't wait to hear more!

Freedom Three said...

i have a question for you since you live in Texas. i have been browsing the laws for homeschooling in texas and they say one needs to follow a curriculum. yet you say you have no curriculum. has anyone (from the state) ever asked you what you do? just wondering. my oldest is only 4.