Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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sweet potato fries

There is a restaurant in Houston that makes the BEST sweet potato fries.  I pretend like they are good for me, and I eat every last one (besides the ones stolen off of my plate).  They are delicious.  When we have our yummy grass fed burgers here at home, I like to make a version of the sweet potato fries.

First I peel and chop the potatoes.  I like them kind of thick, but not too thick.  If they are too thick they take too long to cook.

I place them on a lightly oiled sheet (either coconut or olive), and then sprinkle some oil on top.  Very little oil.  Then I place them under the broiler until they crisp up a bit.

My husband would want me to stop right here and tell you that they don't get nearly as crispy as truly fried potatoes would.  But it doesn't really bother me.  These are delicious!

To sweet potatoes!  God's crowning achievement in the root vegetable category!


Natural Mama said...

These look really good! It is way past due that I buy some sweet potatoes!

Cheryl said...

i love sweet potato fries! i always sprinkle basil on them before i bake them. o...m...g...soooo good! =)

Rosie_Kate said...

Agreed! However, I slather them in good quality lard and roast till some of them are getting caramelized... yum.

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

Beautiful, they look like a sunset. Think you are right about God's crowning glory & they are so much healthier than potatoes. Yum.

Anonymous said...

i made those just the other day except i'm too lazy to peel them so we eat ours peel and all;) i LOVED them. i kinda adore anything sweet potato though. AND: i so want a burger now! PS: thanks for your comment too ... now i'm super nervous for when the kid hits 3 in a year and a half!! ahh! ;)
Yours Mine and Ours