Monday, January 24, 2011

m'lords and m'ladies

Last weekend we ran up to Dallas to spend time with John's sister and her partner.  We had a great time in the big city!  They live in the Oak Cliff area (home to the delightful Edie Brickell), so we were really central to a lot of things.  We ate at a little local pizza place (where they used local ingredients!) and I visited the fabric store of my dreams!  "Visited" doesn't exactly convey how much time I spent in there.  Gracious.  It was glorious.

Moving on.

For Christmas, said sisters-in-law gave us tickets to Medieval Times!  We had so much fun!  Who couldn't while (a) eating dinner with your hands (b) smelling horse poop while eating dinner (c) wearing paper crowns (d) cheering on valiant knights (who may or may not work a second job at the local gaming shop).  We laughed so much that night!

On with the pictures:

Aunt Sara and Aunt Traci

My valiant knight, Sir Buddy.

Just the five of us, enjoying a night on the town.

Daddy.  Isn't this the perfect picture summing up what a daddy does?

Princess Moonpie

Enjoying deliciousness.  This picture makes me laugh so hard!

Can you tell they're related?


Jana said...

You know for someone who doesn't sew I have a slight fabric obsession. I love all those great fabrics!!

Rachel said...

How fun! I've been thinking that the next time we are in DFW we need to go to medieval times. I remember thinking it was the coolest place ever when I was a kid.

mandi said...

It WAS super cool! Buddy felt like the fighting was too intense. He and I spent a large portion of the fighting time out in the lobby. Just so you know : )

Steph said...

Hehe! I love this post. Your family makes me smile!

Aleesa said...

What a fun weekend! I grew up in the Big D and love going back. Medevil Times is quite the event (to put it mildly). If you want to have a very, very, very intersting time, take a highschool band. The kids LOVE it and totally get into the event. We always have fun with them!