Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fundraiser update

Woo-hoo!  With just one week under our belts we have raised $100 in our adoption fundraiser!  Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

To answer some questions:

  • we are adopting domestically- from East Texas to be exact!
  • we are most likely going to be placed with an infant ( because that is what our agency generally places) but we are open to a child up to age 2.  By state law, we cannot adopt a child over age 2 because of the size of our home.  I know...
  • the agency we have chosen places very few babies a year- we are ok with that.
  • the agency we have chosen is first and foremost in the business of orphan prevention (we love this!  this is where our hearts are!).  They counsel and train their mamas to be good parents.  If the mamas still choose to surrender their rights, they have the adoption program in place.

If you have some last minute Christmas gifts to get, please check out our store page for some awesome fair trade, organic coffee!

and again- thank you so, so, so much!  It is a true gift to be able to share this process with so many wonderful people!


The Farmers said...

Yeah! What a blessing. Thank you for the update.

Amanda said...

That's awesome, Mandi! I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet...

And thank you for your comment on my St. Nicholas post -- there are really so many ways of dealing with Santa, I'm curious how other Christians handle it. I'm no theologian, but I think the Catholic/Protestant line makes a big difference. I'm sorry the post wasn't in time to be helpful with your celebration!